Legal UX
Legal UX

When design sheds light on law!

Tired of contracts you do not understand?

Wonder how to turn legal into a business asset?

UX Design applied to Law

Bring clarity to legal complexity to improve decision-making and risk management

Increase trust and engagement to boost your relationship with customers and partners

Optimize processes to enhance the autonomy and efficiency of your teams 


I help you transform your business for a better Legal & Compliance experience. Discover my method based on UX Design specially adapted to the Legal context.

UX research

Take a step back and understand what your stakeholders tell you about your Legal processes and communications

Legal UX

Transform your Legal processes and documents into effective and engaging tools

LUX Training

Train your teams through customized Legal-UX workshops

Emilie Lorblanchet-Ongaro
Emilie Lorblanchet-Ongaro

A unique combination of legal expertise and UX design skills

My name is Emilie Lorblanchet Ongaro. I am a pioneer in legal user experience with a purpose: to help your business design and implement a better legal user experience.

Growth mindset, I love to learn!

Graduate in corporate and commercial law (DJCE), Executive MBA with a focus on innovation and design thinking.

Creative, I explore new ways in Legal & Compliance

I decided to apply UX Design for the first time to Legal and Contract Management at Airbus UpNext, an Airbus innovation lab that shapes the future of aeronautics. The demand for a better legal experience was so compelling and the results so convincing that I decided to make my knowledge and expertise available to other businesses faced with similar needs.

Pragmatic, I look for concrete and measurable results

I have worked with SMEs and listed companies in Europe on various matters such as contracts, data privacy, compliance, and intellectual property.

LUX, it’s:

15+ years of experience in the industry, services, and innovation as a legal counsel, contract manager, and Innovation Director

An innovative method including a wealth of techniques and perspectives: legal design, UX design, plain language, and design sprint

A network of UX design experts

They trust me!

Let’s shed light on the law 

Great stories often start with this type of message. 

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