Legal UX
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When design
sheds light
on law !

of illegible contracts?

Do you want to turn
your legal issues into
an asset for your company?

UX Design for a better legal experience

Discover my “Design UX” approach, adapted to the legal context. Let me guide you through your transformation.



Take a step back and understand what your stakeholders tell you about your Legal processes and communications. Get a detailed analysis with actionable improvement recommendations. Unlock fresh perspectives !



Transform your Legal processes and documents into effective and engaging tools. Turn ideas into systemic reality !



Train your teams through customized Legal-UX workshops. Learn to shift perspectives and maximize team collaboration. Be inspired to innovate!

Legal User eXperience

Discover the art of transforming legal complexities into useful, usable, and engaging experiences through design and clear language.

Useful: Bring clarity to legal complexity to improve decision-making and risk management.

Usable: Streamline your processes and documents to enhance the autonomy and efficiency of your teams.

Engaging: Increase trust and engagement to boost your relationship with customers and partners.


They trust me !

“Our collaboration has been incredibly rewarding on all fronts. As a skilled educator, Emilie guided us through training, imparting invaluable knowledge. Thanks to her, we’ve exceeded our limitations, achieved project success, and are now poised to integrate this approach for the long haul.”

Crédit Agricole SA, Guillaume

“Emilie has helped us integrate the legal design approach into our product design processes. It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with her; she has succeeded in making a subject that initially seems tedious and very distant from UX designers simple and exciting!”

Crédit Agricole Technologies and Services
Design Occitanie
Emilie Lorblanchet-Ongaro
Emilie Lorblanchet Ongaro,
Pioneer in legal user experience

A unique combination of legal expertise and UX design

I decided to apply UX Design for the first time to Legal and Contract Management at Airbus UpNext, an Airbus innovation lab that shapes the future of aeronautics. The demand for a better legal experience was so compelling and the results so convincing that I decided to make my knowledge and expertise available to other businesses faced with similar needs.

I collaborate with both SMEs and listed companies across Europe, handling a range of issues including contracts, data privacy and compliance.